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    Celebrating Robert de Niro in the run-up to his 80th birthday.

    "Though punctuated by bursts of virtuoso action, including a running battle in downtown LA that ranks as one of the best action scenes ever filmed, it is the unusual emphasis on character that impresses most."
    - Adrian Turner, Radio Times

    "Heat isn't only his peerless lesson in how to make clusters of concrete and glass look beautiful, it's also an eloquent study of loyalty, commitment and good guy/ bad guy duality."
    - Total Film

    "This is simply the best American crime movie -- and indeed, one of the finest movies, period -- in over a decade."
    - Geoff Andrew, Time Out

    "Taken altogether, Mann doesn't do anything particularly new, but with a subtly used supporting cast he combines everything into an unusually articulate action thriller."
    - Nick Hilditch, BBC.com

    "Heat packs more into one cop movie than the entire genre output of the last five years."
    - Ian Nathan, Empire Magazine