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Short List 4

Screening Times


  • Running Time: 95 minutes

  • Certificate: 18

  • Language: English

The Cinema In The Power Station’s bi-monthly short film showcase returns with The Short List Vol 4: Reel Life.  

Bringing the same eye for compelling and original story telling to genuine real life situations, the initiative's fourth instalment puts the focus on documentary shorts. Looking at personal stories about individuals, collectives, and moments in time, Reel Life is a collection of 8 short films from up-and-coming documentary makers.  

Bloodshed (dir. Eva Babington, 15 minutes)
Tilly, Miah and Safa are three young women who endure debilitating period pain. Following an adolescence with little menstrual education, support or relief, they navigate the physical and emotional toll of intensely painful periods while trying to maintain a normal life.

Cost of Living (16 minutes)
Cost of Living is a timely short film, curated from more than half a century of archive footage, that reflects on the pandemic cycles of boom and bust that continue to affect us. As we live through the deepest cost of living crisis for over fifty years, the film expresses the fury and anger of generations whose essential needs for safe housing, secure work and full bellies go unfulfilled. With an uncanny sense of déjà vu, we see empty petrol pumps, food banks and government tips for saving money. They evoke a past that feels uncomfortably contemporary.

Fatherhood (dir. Tavie Tiffany Agama, 7 minutes)
Fatherhood is a short documentary film about the love and vulnerability that exists between black fathers and their sons.

Letters To Britain (dir. Rosie Baldwin, 3 minutes)
Having lived through pivotal moments in British history, a group of people aged between 80-100 write letters to the younger generation of Britons today. Using their own life experiences, they pass on advice offering insight on life, and how to deal with the current difficulties facing today’s fast moving and increasingly divided society.

Moving the Market (dir. Harry Knight, 15 minutes)
After 8 years of serving the community by selling oddities and providing stands for independent artists, The Vintage Market, looses its lease and must find a new building.

My Brief Eternity (dir. Clare Sturges, 12 minutes)
My Brief Eternity documents the making of the last artistic work of Osi Rhys Osmond – one of Wales's most respected artists, authors, broadcasters and commentators on arts and culture.

Search; A Moving Portrait Documentary (dir. Marissa Mireles Hinds, 22 minutes)
An experimental moving portrait documentary using nostalgic dreamscape visuals and immersive storytelling to explore and juxtapose narratives of people of colour who live and work in Seoul, South Korea alongside narratives from native born Koreans and mixed race Koreans, during the hot, listless summer of 2018.

The Dark Horse of Suffragettes (dir. Nina Bhalla and Swati Chugh, 10 minutes)
In 2020, during lock down in the UK, Barbara, an ardent campaigner for Women’s Rights for over 20 years, discovered a neglected old building: Dorset Hall in Wimbledon. After further research, Barbara realized why the building was calling to her for help as it unraveled that the building was a famous refuge for suffragettes from prison. Barbara takes us through her journey of saving Dorset Hall as she discovers that she’s fighting the same suffrage fight even in 2022.