Triangle Of Sadness


Triangle Of Sadness

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Models Carl and Yaya are invited for a luxury cruise with a rogues' gallery of super-rich passengers. At first, all appears Instagrammable, but the cruise ends catastrophically and the group find themselves marooned on a desert island.

  • Starring: Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Dolly de Leon, Woody Harrelson

  • Director: Ruben Östlund

  • Writer: Ruben Östlund

  • Running Time: 147 minutes

  • Running Time: 147 minutes

  • Certificate: 15

  • Language: English

  • Genre: Comedy

  • Country: France, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

"Epic schadenfreude keeps edging into genuine sympathy, and we feel just sorry enough for these awful people for the next humiliation to sting just as hard."
★★★★★ Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph UK

"An absurd, iconoclastic riot. Ruben Östlund’s point may be blunt — yep, rich people are bad — but his telling of it is hilariously, breathlessly entertaining."
★★★★ John Nugent, Empire Magazine

"Ruben Östlund’s takedown of the super-rich that plays like Buñuel by way of the Farrelly brothers."
★★★★ Philip De Semlyen, Time Out

"Subtlety is not the primary aim in this film’s portrayal of class — and it’s a nasty hoot because of it."
★★★★ Iana Murray, London Evening Standard