Dolby Cinema in London | The Cinema in The Power Station

Experience the power of Dolby Cinema

Dolby Cinema is specially designed to elevate all movies. You won’t want to watch movies any other way.

With Dolby Vision®, film lovers will experience all the subtle details in HDR (high dynamic range), incomparable brightness and ultravivid colours with higher brightness and contrast ratio than standard cinema screens. When paired with the superior, immersive sound of Dolby Atmos®, viewers will feel like they’ve been transported into a movie with breathtaking realism as the filmmaker intended.


What is Dolby Cinema?

Dolby Cinema® combines three key elements:

Ultravivid picture of Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision brings movies to life with darker darks, brighter brights, and a remarkable colour range you can’t get anywhere else.

Immersive sound of Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos offers sound in incredible clarity that actually moves all around you.

Meticulous in-theatre architecture

Every seat provides you with a perfect view of the screen, no matter where you are in the cinema.

This unmatched combination is so lifelike — you’ll forget you’re at the movies.


Thursday 12th October

Running Time: 180 minutes

Friday 20th October

Running Time: 206 minutes

Saturday 21st October

Running Time: 206 minutes

Sunday 22nd October

Running Time: 206 minutes

Monday 23rd October

Running Time: 206 minutes

Tuesday 24th October

Running Time: 206 minutes

Thursday 26th October

Running Time: 206 minutes