2024 Oscar Shorts |

2024 Oscar Shorts

2024 Oscar Shorts

Screening Times


    London Breeze Film Festival in partnership with Shorts TV bring you this wonderful program of Oscar nominated live action short films ahead of the Academy Awards on the 12th March.

    LIVE ACTION - Screening Monday 4th March at 7.30pm. 

    The After 

    Dir. Misan Harriman, Nicky Bentham

    After losing a family member to a violent crime, a shattered ride-share driver picks up a passenger who forces him to confront his grief.

    Knight of Fortune

    Dir. Lasse Lyskjaer Noer, Christian Norlyk

    The loss of a loved one, the grief, the risk of yellow skin, and a coffin, that is too much for Karl to face.


    Dir. Vincent Rene-Lortie, Samuel Caron

    Invincible traces the last 48 hours in a rebellious boy's life, including his struggles with the legal system and descent into isolation and self-doubt.

    Red, White and Blue

    Dir. Nazrin Choudhury, Sara McFarlane

    Red, White and Blue tells the moving story of Rachel, a single parent in a precarious position forced to cross state lines in search of a necessary abortion.

    The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar

    Dir. Wes Anderson, Steven Rales

    Henry Sugar, a wealthy man, decides to take on an extraordinary challenge - he wants to master an extraordinary skill in order to cheat at gambling games.

    ANIMATED - Screening Wednesday 6th March at 6pm

    Letter to a Pig.

    Dir Tal Kantor, Amit R Gicelter

    A Holocaust survivor reads a letter he wrote to the pig who saved his life. A young schoolgirl hears his testimony in class and sinks into a twisted dream where she confronts questions of identity, collective trauma, and the extremes of human nature.

    Our Uniform

    Dir. Yegane Moghaddam

    An Iranian girl unfolds her school memories by going through the folds and fabrics of her old uniform. She admits that she's nothing but a female and explores the roots of this idea in her school years.

    Ninety-Five Senses

    Dir. Jerusha Hess, Jared Hess

    The story of a man facing his own mortality while reflecting on the grave mistakes of his youth. This is juxtaposed against the beauty of life and how we perceive it. 'It may be that in the next life, we'll have ninety-five senses,' he muses.


    Dir. Stephanie Clement, Marc Rius

    As every summer, Louise is entrusted to her grand-parents for a few days of vacation in the country. The green grass of the garden, the swimming in the lake, the fishing with Grandpa, everything seems as sweet as Grandma's strawberry pies.

    War is Over! Inspired by the music of John and Yoko

    Dir. Dave Mullins, Brad Booker

    Set in an alternate WWI reality where a senseless war rages on, two soldiers on opposite sides of the conflict play a joyful game of chess. A heroic carrier pigeon delivers the soldiers' chess moves over the battlefield as the fighting escalates.