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    "It is every bit as arch as his best work, while still managing to tug hard on the heartstrings."
    ★★★★★ Geoffrey Macnab, Independant (UK)

    "Asteroid City’s eccentricity, its elegance, its gaiety, and its sheer profusion of detail within the tableau frame make it such a pleasure. So, too, does its dapper styling of classic American pop culture."
    ★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

    "Wes Anderson’s ’50s quarantine tale plays like the American auteur’s whimsical, surrealist answer to The Twilight Zone relocated to the dusty desert of the old West."
    ★★★★ Philip De Semlyen, Time Out

    "Anderson’s fondest, most familiar themes return here: family, fatherhood, grief, love."
    ★★★★ John Nugent, Empire Magazine

    "Is the director referring to the importance of forgetting your cynicism and surrendering to the whimsy? If so, where do I sign?"
    ★★★★ Ed Potton, Times (uk)

    "Though it seems as light as a soufflé, this is more substantial fare than Anderson has been dishing out recently. It merits second, and possibly third, helpings."
    ★★★★ Jo-Ann Titmarsh, London Evening Standard

    "Asteroid City reminds you that Anderson remains what he’s always been, despite what the AI bros might have you believe: completely inimitable."
    ★★★★ Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph (uk)